Construction & Design

Adventure Development Team has more than a decade of experience designing, engineering and building aerial adventure and challenge course structures.

Whether you want to build a full-size aerial adventure park, kids' park, zip line, or tower, Adventure Development Team has you covered.

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Aerial Adventure Parks

Aerial adventure parks are the fastest growing attraction in our industry. They empower guests to discover for themselves which trails to blaze and which challenges to overcome, all while exploring new heights and determining for themselves when to push it to the next level.

Adventure parks combine elements from challenge courses and the thrill of zip line tours to create an exciting, self-guided experience for guests. Guests can move at their own pace and choose which elements they will do and for operating their safety lanyards. 

Adventure parks are designed to handle more guests than challenge courses or zip line tours, while providing an even greater sense of adventure and excitement. The rapid development in Adventure Park technology combined with the methods we've perfected for creating these parks seems to leave no limit to what we can design and build.


Kids' Parks

Young climbers in our Kids’ Parks scamper and scurry over trails that hover just above the ground. Elements in these trails are built to accommodate pint-sized guests. In the Kids' Park, climbers ages 4 - 8 wear harnesses and gear that allows them to experience taking responsibility for clipping and unclipping into belay cables – just like the “big kids” in the Adventure Park. Because these elements are just above ground level, the safety equipment is provided more for the experience than for fall protection. Older siblings or adults can walk near children using the Kids’ Park to offer encouragement or a hand if necessary.