Construction & Design

Adventure Development Team has more than a decade of experience designing, engineering, and building aerial adventure and challenge course structures.

Whether you want to build a full-size aerial adventure park, kids' park, zip line or tower, Adventure Development Team has you covered.


Zip Lines

There's a science and an art to building zip line canopy tours. The Adventure Development Team has honed these skills while installing some of the largest canopy tours in the United Sates. Several zip lines we've installed have spanned more than 3,000 feet! We specialize in the use of 3/4-inch to 7/8-inch galvanized wire rope and (when necessary) use heavy equipment such as an excavator, skid steer, man-lift, rough terrain forklift, or a bucket truck. One of our teammates has accumulated more than 100 hours serving as a lead rigger and radio control operator during helicopter cable pulls and lifts. 



Towers can add the thrill of dual racing zip lines and pulse-quickening jumps to your aerial adventure venue. They also provide opportunities for challenging climbs and beautiful views from multiple observation decks. Our towers can be made of wood or steel. With towers, the sky really is the limit.